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It’s how you say it

Posted on: July 19, 2016

The adage goes: It is not WHAT you say but HOW you say it. The manner with which you say or write things determines your benefit or detriment.

Scammer's offer to buy my Twitter handle.

We have all received spam or scam messages in the form of SMS, email, tweets, etc. These have one thing in common: Spammers and scammers almost always have poor spelling and/or grammar.

The screenshot is a Twitter DM to me from one such scammer. It is actually quite good if you compare it to other almost comical scam messages.

Use good English. Detect spammers and scammers. Do not come across as a spammer or scammer either.

iOS10 emoji prediction in Message app.

On different note: Emoji prediction. The next iOS update will feature a Messages app that offer to replace text with emojis.

This has left some to wonder if we are moving back to Egyptian hieroglyphics (emoji-lyphics?). If teachers cannot bear with poor spelling and grammar now, imagine their frustration with interpreting small images in future.

Who am I kidding? Many schools and teachers are going to resist this wider world, technology-mediated change.

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