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Freelancing is a misnomer

Posted on: July 18, 2016

I was inspired and amused by this piece, No, You Cannot Have “A Few Minutes” Of My Time, and the video below.

Video source

Both expressed what many consultants and freelancers wished people who ask them to work for free should know.

Inspired by the article and video, I updated my Contact Me page with the video and this message.

Before you contact me, make sure that you have read what I wrote in my Consultancy page.

Before you think of asking me to do something for free, to “pick my brain”, or to help you because the exposure will be good for me, watch this video.

Before you think I am going to bite your head off like the guy in the video, I am not. But I am not likely to work for free. I work for a fee because, like you, I have a family to support, mortage, loans, and bills to pay, and a human life to live.

I am worth it because I will go above and beyond what we negotiate. The first step is having a conversation, one professional with another. Contact me.

I am not a “free” lancer. I do not work for free. The time you ask of me is worth a fee.

I expect the contact form to be used less as a result. But the ones that do will probably be worth having conversations and working with.

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