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Attitude, aptitude, altitude

Posted on: July 15, 2016

I wanted to write about the changes to the PSLE scoring system or how Pokémon Go seems to the new edtech toy. These dominated my news feeds this week after all.

But I had such an enjoyable time bringing a group of people together last evening that I decided to make and share this image quote: Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. It emerged as the theme of the evening.

The experience consisted of three events.

My first was a meeting with a potential client. I let them know that I did not believe in their proposed workshop and that the suggested fee was very low. 

If I said yes, I would have betrayed my values and my worth. I was not going to reach for rotten, low-hanging fruit nor was I going to help others do so.

The second event was something that I had attended previously and wished for others to benefit from. It was a joy to receive ringing endorsements like “It was a mind blowing session for me… Thanks for the invite” and “That was an awesome session”. Their positive attitudes made my day.

While that event was in session, I held my own dialogue with someone who needed a listening ear and some advice. I benefitted just as much from the conversation because he shared his own stories and the quote. I had no doubt that his attitude would carry him far and high.

Why was attitudes the theme of the evening? We were not content to settle or to think we already knew better. We looked beyond the obvious, shared openly, and learnt humbly. Uncaged from bias, we were free to fly as high as our attitudes let us.

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