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Revealing yourself

Posted on: July 14, 2016

You do not have to click through and read the article linked in the tweet to find out why we were not informed of flaws in our MRT trains.

You only have to process how the tweet was phrased. It was written as an answer, i.e., I am telling you. This is why and that is it.

It was not written as a query. A question like “Why were hairline cracks not made public three years ago?” could indicate curiosity or a challenge to authority, amongst other interpretations.

The adage is that it is not what you say, but how you say it. The same could be said about teaching. It is not just what you teach, but how you teach it.

Preferring answers over questions creates students who are spoon-fed, dependent on, and uncritical of information.

Emphasising questions over answers promotes the opposite. Students learn to seek and be more independent learners. They have a model lead learner who questions so they learn how to ask questions and to think for themselves.

For the record, the official answers were that 1) the cracks “did not pose a safety risk”, and 2) the return of the 26 trains to the manufacturer in China “did not impact the capacity of the North-South East-West Lines”.

However, it took a revelation from a Hong Kong news agency for the news to break three years after the fact.

The defective trains were brought to light by Hong Kong online news portal FactWire only last week, raising questions about why the issue was not made public before.

If the issue was not danger to the public, one has to wonder why an announcement was not made in the spirit of transparency. After all there is the other issue of accountability in light of very public train breakdowns.

All that said, the information is out there and someone will create or share it. It is no longer enough for teachers to say, “Let me tell you what you need to know”.

There is too much information, too many variables, and things change quickly. Teachers should be able to say, “Let me teach you how to think”.

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