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Let it go

Posted on: July 3, 2016

I found this video courtesy of a CNET article.

Video source

I loved the video and the message it brought. I did not appreciate the rhetoric in the latter part of the article.

How many husbands and wives work so hard that they won’t stop to address moments that their spouse might deem important: an anniversary, a significant birthday or even a simple weekend away?

It’s surely worse now as we let technology make us permanently connected, when the one thing we really need is to switch off and be with those we love.

Working hard is not a pre-condition to ignoring one another. You can be a complete layabout or a disconnected hermit and still not mark important moments.

As the video illustrated, the important moments are also plain and uncelebrated. They are pockets of ordinary time you spend with a loved one.

Switching off the technology that connects us is not necessarily going to make things better. The way the message got through to the father in the video was through technology. We communicate with people at physical, social, or cognitive distance thanks to technology.

I get the message that the irony of being connected all the time might leave you disconnected from the ones physically or emotionally closest to you. But switching off your phone does not guarantee enjoying time together. Just as the body can travel while the mind and heart stay put, the body can stay while the mind and heart are far away.

I titled this reflection “Let it go” for two reasons.

First, we should remind ourselves how kids let go with their imaginations. They wonder and they wander. They explore and they make. As they get older, schooling strangles this innate capacity out of them and it does not let go.

Second, the kids grow up into adults who perpetuate old, unquestioned messages. Technology is not the villain. It is the tool or instrument we use to amplify who we are. There is no need to always switch off technology to connect with one another in person. Let that bias go.

Watch YouTube videos as a family and discuss them. Play video games and ask questions about characters or discuss strategies. Google together and debate what you find. Do these and you will see why I say about the old mindset: Let it go.

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