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Flipping notes with Google Spaces

Posted on: May 18, 2016

I messed about with the recently announced Google Space tool last night.

The tool was intuitive because I use Google’s suite of tools on both desktop and mobile platforms. If you need a primer, this video by @rmbyrne should help.

Video source

I decided to recreate a simpler version of a Google Docs-based notes page that I made for a conference and a remote mentoring session. This is my Google Space for some notes on flipped learning.

My Google Space for flipped learning.

The items appear in reverse chronological order (most recent item at the top). This could be useful for communicating and collaborating while planning remotely or asynchronously. However, at the moment Google Spaces does not offer any text formatting and items for discussion cannot be moved to customised positions.

I created the Google Space with the desktop tool. As of last night, the iOS version was not yet available in the Singapore App Store. (3pm update: The app is available now.) However, the Android version was ready for download.

I did not test the Chrome extension that allows you to add web resources to your Google Spaces at the click on a button. This is similar to adding items to Diigo or from a browser-based extension or bookmarklet.

I am certain that some educators have already thought of ways to use Google Spaces in class. I wonder how they might take advantage of this simple tool in their personal learning networks.

At the moment, Google Spaces is a bit of an odd duck. It is simple to use and seems to overlap with a few platforms in the Google ecosystem (apps suite, Photos, YouTube). But it seems to be a solution seeking a problem.

I am not sure what that problem might be. Perhaps it is an early response to Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp. More user tinkering will clarify its role in the ecosystem.

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