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Tsk, tsk tuition agencies

Posted on: May 13, 2016

A little bird reminded me why some school principals and teachers hate tuition agencies.

I was told how one school’s principal discovered an unethical practice of a tuition (read: enrichment) centre. The centre claimed to help a particular student from that school. The school personnel checked its rosters and found out that the student was made up by the centre.

Maybe the tuition agency was sharing its creative and fictional writing with the public. I offer to grade that piece of writing.

Another agency touted the qualifications and experience of a teacher (read: brand name school teacher). However, it did not check that claim. If it did, it would have found out that the teacher was at the school for less than a week before she left.

Maybe that tuition group could not tell the difference between mercenaries and teachers. I can teach the group the differences, but before I do, I invite it to verify my Ph.D. and work history.

Still another centre ignored a school teacher’s efforts. It claimed to raise a student’s failing grade to an “A”. Everyone knows that a child’s success (or failures) is due to many factors and inputs.

Well, almost everyone. Maybe the marketing genius behind that tuition centre’s display needs a refresher. I could offer some remedial tuition on that.

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