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Graceful writing 

Posted on: May 10, 2016

Meet Grace Helbig. She is many things: YouTuber, author, TV show host, actress, entertainer.

Video source

She and some other Internet personalities were recruited by AT&T to create their own web series and Grace opted for creative writing. The video below is the fifth her series.

Video source

I am wondering if she might include in her job descriptions the role of educator, albeit not a conventional one.

Grace does not have a teaching background or qualifications, but she shows evidence of what we need from a modern teacher. She:

  • draws out from learners instead of delivering.
  • gets learners to participate by doing and sharing.
  • uses multiple platforms to reach her learners.
  • designs tasks that are fun and authentic.

Not everyone has the chops to be an educator. Not every non-educator has something to teach teachers how to be more relevant educators. Grace Helbig is one. Watch, deconstruct, and learn.

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