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Remote mentoring with Google Hangouts on Air

Posted on: April 28, 2016

I had the privilege of reconnecting with a teacher from the UK that I “met” in 2015.

He attended my Bett 2015 presentation, Righting The Wrong Flipping Ideas, and we connected on Twitter.

Earlier this year, he DM’d me for a remote consulting session and we arranged to video conference with him and a few of his colleagues.

I had initially planned on a simple Google Hangout (GH), but I ended up trying Google Hangouts on Air (GHA) instead.

Google Hangouts options.

There is one key difference between the two: You can record the video conference session as a YouTube video in GHA. Both are accessed at the Google Hangouts site.

The steps to set up both are intuitive, but since the instructions might change over time, I am linking to them instead:

Whichever you set up, both you and your invitees will get a Google Calendar (GCal) entry if everyone uses Gmail and GCal. You can choose any party’s timezone and this is very useful for scheduling, reminding, and setting an agenda.

If you want to use GHA, here are a few tips:

  1. Verify your account with YouTube first via SMS.
  2. Starting the GHA is not the same as recording it. You start the session to go ‘live’ and say hello. You need to click on the record button on screen to generate a YouTube video.
  3. The resulting video ends up in your list of YouTube videos in your channel. You can edit the video and specify access rights.

GHA has tools for Q&A, applause, and resource sharing. I did not get to use any of these. I hoped to project a GDoc with resources, but I did not get the chance because the Q&A went by thick and fast.

I actually tried to share a Padlet space, but this did not seem to work. So here is another tip: Practice with someone else or a dummy account first!

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