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Product and process

Posted on: April 24, 2016

Here is something that will appeal to Game of Thrones (Got) fans.

Moleskin, makers of really expensive paper products, commissioned a paper-based version of the title sequence of GoT.

Video source

Compare it with the original title sequence in 2011. Impressive, no?

Video source

No, not as impressive until you get a glimpse into the work that went behind it.

Video source

As I do every time I add to this irregular series on product and process, I highlight how this might apply to schooling and education.

Schooling might focus too much on the products, e.g., worksheets, homework, exams. If we are to educate our learners, they must document and reflect on their processes of learning.

Processes lead to the products, but only the latter are obvious. However, processes are just as important, and perhaps even more so. So why are we not focusing on meaningfully recording processes over time with tools like e-portfolios?

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