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Allergic math reaction?

Posted on: April 9, 2016

This video is one of many where adults try to do math that, say, a 10 or 11-year-old does today.

Video source

The results are hilarious because the adults struggle. It is only funny until you realise that the adult could be you.

If you were that adult, you could react like this: I feel so stupid. To feel less dumb, you could become an armchair philosopher and say: Life is more difficult for kids now.

You need not do either.

How about realising that such odd or convoluted ways of thinking 1) exist only for the bubble that is schooling and tests, 2) are not needed later in exactly that form, and 3) do not transfer to the wider world?

Instead of having a typical allergic reaction to math, treat yourself to an a-ha moment instead.

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