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Planning out loud

Posted on: April 7, 2016

I have decided to share one way I plan for an event as a consultant. Think of this as planning out loud.

Recently I received an email request via my Contact page. This led to a phone conversation for possible consulting gig in six month’s time.

I like people who plan in advance. This gives us time to shape what we want to do together and to scale administrative mountains. The more lead time the better.

I was told that the event had two main themes: 1) For participants to reconsider the future of education and work, and 2) to “future proof” their efforts.

The experiences had to address, on one hand, the issues of current student mindsets and expectations, and on the other, teacher mindsets about risks and opportunities.

I get requests like these quite often. They are generic, but over time, I try to get to know my partner and tailor-make an experience.

Even though I have not committed to the task yet, I have outlined a plan that could shape a proposal.


  • Future-proof like water-proof and fire-proof? Or future-ready? One prevents, the other embraces.
  • Can you be future-ready? Or should you be prepared instead?
  • Your vocabulary and practices reveal mindsets: Classroom, curriculum, “what can we do TO them”?
  • What are some “standard” 21st century competencies (21CCs)? What are actionable and core 21CCs?
  • Learning is messy, teaching is neat; focus on the learner and learning instead.

Quite serendipitously, I read two tweets shortly after the request that could serve as thought-provoking statements for discussion.

Along with some administrative and logistical details, that is all I have planned for now. They will stew in an Evernote page and I will work on them over the next few months alongside other planning documents.

Sometimes these efforts do not pan out. This is largely because administrative elements that should support now dictate instead. But I still learn from the process and am invariably better prepared for the next request.

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