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Lessons from April Fools jokes

Posted on: April 6, 2016

What most people take away from April Fools videos is a reminder to be critical of what you see online.

As silly as some of these jokes are, we can draw valuable lessons from them.

Video source

Poorly designed and ineffective technology integration looks like this. It is using new technology to do what old technology did. You can, but why would you?

It is ridiculous and wasteful to use slate devices as actual books. It is just as silly and excessive to simply make projections and worksheets more “interactive”, e.g., IWBs and e-worksheets. But many people still do not question such practices.

Video source

Seeing how technology gets misused this way is like using this parody toilet paper. It is unpleasant to consider and painful to use. How this does not rub teachers the wrong way is beyond me.

If appealing to logic at the top end does not reach them, perhaps some parody toilet paper at the other end will sensitise them to the problem.

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