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Lessons from a taxi driver

Posted on: March 4, 2016

I do not travel by taxi very often, but when I do my trips often lead to interesting conversations.

On one such trip the cabbie heard a radio ad for another station that claimed to offer content for expatriates from countries like Japan, Germany, and Bangladesh.

Intrigued he switched stations straight away. He remarked how generous the station’s benefactor had to be to provide such a service. He also wondered how the station sustained itself. At a long traffic stop, he Googled for information about the station.

For the record the radio station was Expat Radio 96.3XFM and it was relaunched in 2008 after a ten-year hiatus.

For the rest of the short journey, we chatted about progressive efforts, the irrelevance of dead tree newspapers, and how his 90-year-old mother was NOT a model of lifelong learning. When he drove off, he was still listening to the Bangladeshi music that was playing at the time.

What were my takeaways from the ride?

In demand. As a consultant I meet many people with niche offerings. Not long ago, efforts like Expat Radio would seem crazy. Today they are as common as the niche eateries that dot our landscape.

Someone will always buy into your ideas. Outdated is one size fits all. In demand is custom fit.

On demand. The cabbie practiced what I call interstitial learning. It was on-demand, just-in-time, and just-for-him. It happened with the help of his mobile phone and someone to immediately bounce ideas off.

By demand. The taxi driver also flipped his learning by not just consuming content but also teaching me what he had just found out. I listened, gave feedback, and extended his sharing.

By being on demand and by demand, we covered more ground than we could have anticipated. The transitions were seamless and the topics highly engaging. All learning is like that. It is a pity that all teaching is not.

Anyway I hope the cabbie continues on his journey to be a lifelong learner. To do this, he should refrain from Googling while driving. You must have a life first to be a lifelong learner.

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Great Post. Love it


Kwan Tuck Soon: Sometimes cabbies are really our critical friends 🙂 via


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