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Enough naughtiness

Posted on: February 24, 2016

Some people might have mixed feelings about the video below. The man is showing us how to break into safes.

Video source

However, he is also providing a valuable service. He is calling out the poor standards and production of safes and letting the public know which brands to avoid.

One might argue that his techniques might be used by crooks to break into safes. I would argue that companies should not be allowed to sell such safes in the first place.

He shares because he cares. It is also his business to create a safer environment by providing better options and keeping people informed.

Educators should be doing the same: Calling out fallacies, pointing out vendors with bad strategies and products, and providing better learning opportunities for kids.

To do that, educators need to be like the kids they teach. They need to have enough naughtiness to think outside the box and fuel those efforts.

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