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No, I’m not your follower

Posted on: February 19, 2016

Twitter has a lot of problems. It has to contend with the loss of current users, how new users do not want to jump on the bandwagon, and if new users do join they quickly jump off. There is also the problem of Twitter zombies.

So the Twitter higher-ups and tech folk come up with features like algorithmic timelines, GIF-adding buttons, adding videos to DMs, increasing the character count in tweets, etc. In other words, they are thinking of technical solutions to social problems like buy in and ownership.

Most of Twitter’s problems have social roots. Trolls want to put others down, spam bots are created by the greedy, and fake accounts can be harvested by the insecure. These are the more obvious ills.

There are more insidious ones like individuals who add you to “my follower” lists. I am not sure how exactly this benefits these folk. Perhaps they like the proximity.

My plan is to do what I already do with fake followers. I will go on a culling spree by blocking not just those who follow me erroneously, I will also block those who claim I follow them but actually do not.

There is no automatic auditing tool from Twitter to do this and add-ons from third parties are blunt instruments. So I will have to block each account one by one. This will be my new weekly routine and I expect the experience to be like a Zen garden of peaceful repetition.

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