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Twitter zombies

Posted on: February 16, 2016

Some Twitter users die, but not literally. They stop using the service for a long time and then rise from the dead to feast. I have noticed some who seem to tweet or retweet only at major events.

Is there anything wrong with this? Is it not their right to use Twitter as they wish?

No, it is not wrong when you look at it that way. But it is a selfish perspective. It makes me wonder if they are tweeting to be seen and to gain from being seen. A cynic might point out that this is smart but sneaky.

Edutweeting is about giving consistently and generously. It is not about shouting into the ether; it is about having conversations. It is not about spamming a hashtag; it is about building community. It is not about fake, auto-curation; it is about caring and carefully considered curation.

TV and movie zombies are not real and they do no harm. They might even be entertaining because the good guys get to kill them (again).

Twitter zombies, particularly ones that claim to be educators, are real and their mere existence taints the consistent and communicative edutweeters around them. They are harmful because the good guys are too good to do anything. The most the non-zombies can do is point them out or let others know they exist.

This is my warning. Twitter zombies exist and their teeth work fine. If you get bitten, you will become an Twitter zombie too. You then join a growing hoard and make life miserable for the rest of us.

If you are brave, kill them. If not, avoid them. Don’t feed the Twitter zombies.

3 Responses to "Twitter zombies"

Aaron Tay: RT @ashley: Twitter zombies… via


I prefer to think of myself as an elder – quite happy to sit and watch and mumble about “the good old days” when you had to walk 10 miles in the snow to shorten a URL yourself before tweeting it. And I’m a bit like Charlie’s uncle, who leaps out of bed at the sight of a golden ticket to a great event, but otherwise quite content to watch the n00bs do their thing. I just wonder what’s next?

This article resonated with me:


Thanks for sharing the article. It was an interesting read.

The author certainly has data on how Twitter is on the wane from his company’s point of view. With the educational realm moving slower than the others, I sometimes wonder if it has more time.

Then I stop wondering because I hear the Twitter zombies.


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