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Unintended communication

Posted on: February 13, 2016

One aspect of teaching is to communicate ideas. But simply sending a message does not guarantee that is it received as intended.

Video source

Video source

These two Bad Lip Reading videos on YouTube illustrate just that. There is the proper movie script and what the actors said in Star Wars. Then there is the interpretation of what they said based on lip reading.

Such remixes are hilarious because most people understand that the efforts are parodies. The original messages are twisted, but the new messages in the remix are clear.

This reminds me that what we share online can have unintended consequences. I do not dwell on the bad consequences because trolls will find a way to put negative spin on everything. The consequences I speak of include the unexpected reach and reuse or remixing to benefit someone else.

I consider this unintended benefit a form of serendipity. This type of serendipity can be planned and designed for. It starts with sharing openly and freely.

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