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See more of Seymour

Posted on: February 9, 2016

Last week I read a tweet that recommended a blog entry. I skimmed the latter and found an image quote with words attributed to Samuel Papert.

I was sure the person meant Seymour Papert. The quote was also poorly attributed as it was cited in someone else’s PowerPoint presentation with no reference to the original.

Fortunately, a combination of Google, a tweet from a reputable educator, and a blog entry by another well-respected educator helped me find this wonderful passage by Papert.

So the model that says learn while you’re at school, while you’re young, the skills that you will apply during your lifetime is no longer tenable. The skills that you can learn when you’re at school will not be applicable. They will be obsolete by the time you get into the workplace and need them, except for one skill. The one really competitive skill is the skill of being able to learn. It is the skill of being able not to give the right answer to questions about what you were taught in school, but to make the right response to situations that are outside the scope of what you were taught in school. We need to produce people who know how to act when they’re faced with situations for which they were not specifically prepared.

This bite was from a longer speech that was archived here.

I found an image of Seymour Papert and one Google Slide later, this is the result.

Seymour Papert quote.

The man said it all and he said it well.

A person as important to education as Papert and whose words challenge schooling to wise up deserve better attribution. His name is Seymour (not Samuel) and the words are from a speech crafted in 1998. It is 2016 and we ought to know and behave better.

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