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Posted on: January 17, 2016

LEADERSHIP is being slow to take the credit and quick to take the blame.
This was a principle that I would operate by when I was in positions of leadership. It was also the operating principle I held my team leaders to.

I remembered this because of something that happened in #edsg last week.

When Singapore was awarded a UNESCO prize for promoting open source Physics resources, I thought that the Ministry of Education in its official press release did not give credit to one person in particular.

Incidentally, UNESCO made the announcement on 13 Jan 2016, but MOE’s statement was released on the 15th.

Behind the scenes, one person championed and modelled open educational resources. The official press release made it sound like an institutional effort. Like most good ideas or innovations, it was not. Such green shoots are seeded and nurtured by individuals or small teams.

The organisation was quick to take the credit. History will show that it is slow to take the blame. This is the opposite of good leadership.

In the spirit of openness, I found a similar quote:


And this is the original CC-licensed photo with which I created the image quote.

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