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How to fix Messages problem after changing your Apple password

Posted on: January 15, 2016

One thing I do at the beginning of each year is change the passwords of my most frequently used online services.

The good thing about changing an Apple password is the security. Two-factor authentication is the default and Apple’s online systems will “harass” you with logins and authentication.

However, changing your Apple password could result in services like iCloud and apps like Messages to not work in both iOS and OSX.

Reconnecting to iCloud services is easy enough. Sign in again on iOS and on OSX when prompted. You might be prompted to sign in twice in OSX.

Messages works if you stay strictly in the Apple ecosystem. But if you forward text SMS from your iPhone to your iPad and computers, this service may stop working. These SMS could be from non-iOS users or are text verifications from banks or online services, so they could be vital.

Text Message Forwarding

The forwarding service was re-enabled on my iPad after I logged into iCloud. However, I could not receive SMS on my MacBook and iMac.

I found out that I had to:

  1. Log out of Messages in OSX.
  2. Relogin to Messages with the new password.
  3. OSX will indicate that there is something wrong with iCloud settings. Sign in to iCloud again on OSX.
  4. Re-enable text forwarding in iOS for each iCloud-linked device.

Enabling SMS Forwarding

I have also discovered that changing passwords for Twitter and the Google universe (Maps, apps) can have unintended consequences. I will share what I did to solve these problems in another blog entry.

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