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What is the big deal about Eunoia?

Posted on: January 8, 2016

The naming of Singapore’s newest Junior College (JC), Eunoia, seemed to make a mountain of a molehill. The principal of the JC will have you believe that the situation is much ado about nothing, but there is more to this issue.

The humour, critique, and humorous critique that resulted about its name was an indication that segments of our population will:

  • not stand for pretentious naming
  • not tolerate a lack of transparency
  • make it a point to be heard on principle

The people behind this naming circus reinforced their stance and even defended its mispronunciation.

The latest official response is no different. It is standing by its pretentious, mispronounced name.

Coincidentally, the 2018 Asian Games mascot is being reconsidered after it came under fire.

It is a more difficult task to modify a mascot than a name because a visual is subject to greater interpretation and opinion. However, the organisers of the Games are willing to consider a change.

How do we respond to feedback or scrutiny? Few will do so openly with humility and admit failings. But that is exactly what we need to do.

Your name is your face and your history. Eunoia JC is barely born and it is already linked with ridicule instead of dignity. Are the powers-that-be willing to change?


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