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Education is what we make of it

Posted on: January 6, 2016

Yesterday I wondered out loud on Twitter:

It reminded me of another tweet.

Getting your items checked out at a grocery store is like schooling in this respect: You are taught that someone else does this for you.

The point is we pick up what we want by ourselves. Why not take control of the whole process by checking the items out and packing them?

This process could be faster, you learn to be more independent, the store needs fewer people at the gates, and people can be deployed elsewhere more worthwhile.

The analogy is not perfect. Unlike a grocery store, you cannot choose exactly what you want in school. But you have to pass through a gate that someone else controls.

While your schooling is prepackaged, your education is not. Your schooling becomes your own education when you take ownership of all aspects of learning. There seems to be more opportunities to do this only the further you go up the hierarchy of schooling. This is the case only if we let it.

If there is resistance to such an effort, the reasons are similar to the tweet replies I received:

  • Fear of technology
  • The perception that it takes more time
  • The process seems more challenging

Every technology-enabled change is feared and might take more time initially. However, when it normalises it also becomes transparent.

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When we look back at older technologies like the pencil and printing press, we wonder what the worry was about back then. It was about changing the status quo.

Change is inevitable. You can either kick and scream as you go or embrace and improve the processes. Education, like such change, is what we make of it.

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