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How important is mobile?

Posted on: January 2, 2016

Is it passé to say that mobile is important?

After all, practically everyone in the first world has at least one mobile device, you can order practically anything with your phone, and your phone connects you to practically anyone.

Unless you are in school, even in the first world.

No phone zone.

Far more articulate scholars and thought leaders have written and spoken about the importance of mobile in education. They are merely a search away — on your phone no less. However, most schools have, or remain, no phone zones.

So how about something more emotional to connect with that idea. You probably sleep with your phone near you. What happens if you drop it? BuzzFeed found out with this prank.

Video source

How important is mobile in schooling? You can and should seek answers from rigorous academic research and reflective practice. But the answers should also connect with you as an individual and with each teacher and student.

Take someone’s phone away or threaten to harm it and see what the reactions are. Their phones are their lives. So why should their use in schools be any different?

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