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Perceptions matter

Posted on: December 17, 2015

Video source

Spoiler: Six photographers shot portraits of the same man. They were told different things about who the man was and their perspectives were reflected in the photos they took.

For example, when photographed as a millionaire, the man appeared powerful and authoritative. But when viewed as an ex-convict, the portrait was dark and menacing.

It is just as easy for teachers to not look beyond the labels they paste on their students. Underachiever. Talented. So-and-so’s child. Nobody. Talks a lot. Wallflower.

How many of these labels become self-fulfilling prophecies? How many teachers take the time to listen to their students? If they act like the photographers did to the man, their assumptions will shape their treatments of their students.

Perceptions matter because they shape mindsets. Mindsets then become actions. What filters your perceptions?

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