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Technology is not my slave

Posted on: December 15, 2015

I am not sure if I agree with the sentiment expressed in the tweet above. Technology is not my slave.

I do not ill treat, disrespect, or think poorly of my computing devices for example. I feed, clothe, and take care of them.

At worst, my computing technologies are servants. They do exactly what I need when I ask nicely and in the manner they understand.

Sometimes these technologies are like coaches in that they send me reminders to do something important, to read an article, or to watch a video.

Technology is not my slave and they should not be positioned as slaves for our students. As we make these technologies more powerful and intelligent, we might need to start viewing them as companions instead.

The mindset of technology-as-slave is borne of power and struggle. The mindset of technology-as-companion is one of kinship and exchange.

Slave and companion may only be words to some, but they reflect mindsets which then shape behaviours. I do not think and act as if technology is my slave.

1 Response to "Technology is not my slave"

my servants..yes, my computer, etc. But GMO’s, etc. – we are asked to accept without question any new technology that makes someone rich. I think I can go along with the idea that technology should serve society and not society serve technology.


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