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Dictatorial? Draconian?

Posted on: November 9, 2015

This reflection sat in Evernote for months. It got pushed further and further down until I forgot about it. I have no reason to share it now other than why not.

In July, Donald Clark weighed in strongly on the storm surrounding Singapore’s Famous Amos.

I do not know if Clark has ever visited Singapore or studied our system. Even if he had, labelling our schooling system “dictatorial” is a stretch. A better adjective might be draconian.

I do know that Clark likes being controversial and is a critical thinker. That is why I follow him on Twitter and read his blog. I have even watched a TEDx talk he gave. I agree with a lot of what he says, but not everything.

One person and his responses do not a system make. That applies to Amos Yee and Donald Clark. Yee is not our typical kid and Clark is not a typical ang moh, no matter how much we might want to categorise.

When we consume things like the CNN article, Clark’s tweets, or Yee’s videos, do we first seek to judge or to understand?

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