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What gets you up in the morning?

Posted on: November 2, 2015

It is not coffee, even though I appreciate a good cup of Joe. My body seems to make the equivalent of its own caffeine.

The question was posed to me by a recruiter from a large, well-known company.

It is flattering that I am still approached to join universities or corporations in a full time capacity. It is also very tempting given the uncertainties of consultancy or freelancing. After all, why would I want to stay in a dinghy if I can board an ocean liner?

I have met fellow “sailors” who have been “ocean bound” for longer than I have. I still admire their bravery. I also value the time and space that consulting creates for me to do what I want and when I want.

Someone else I know phrased the question differently. What would you do for a dollar? Or what what would you in place of your consulting services? Both questions point to what drives me.

At the moment I describe myself in Twitter like this: I’m a child in an adult’s body wanting to show other adults how to educate with technology.

I want to keep doing this because I know many adults, be they teachers, instructors, or trainers, have forgotten what it is like to be a learner. They might teach, but their learners do not learn.

They might also teach in a way that is disconnected from the way today’s learner prefers to learn — with and from technology.

I retain that child-like ability to think and act like a learner. I am also an experienced teacher educator. As I can read both sets of minds, I have learnt to build technology-mediated bridges between the two.

That is what drives me because I know that is the difference I make. I am paid more than a dollar to do that and I would give up my consulting services if I could do more of that with a powerful partner.

But what gets them up in the morning? What would they do for a dollar?

4 Responses to "What gets you up in the morning?"

Benedict CHIA: @ashley good thought provoking post! Regardless what your decisions (dingy or yacht), you will always be an inspiration to all Sg educators👍 via


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