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Being challenged to learn

Posted on: October 15, 2015

I felt encouraged when I read this tweet by @fryed.

Not many will make such a statement about learning the most when confronted or challenged. Even fewer will be able to live by their words because this is not an easy thing to do.

I wish more people tried to live up to this ideal, particularly in PLNs. Far too many are overly sensitive and feel attacked when they are not. A challenge to your ideas is not one to your person. It might become a challenge to your character if you cannot tell the difference.

Real educators are not just natural nurturers, they are also critical companions. You cannot accept one and reject the other.

Being challenged to learn is also known as experiencing cognitive dissonance. When you experience something different or difficult, you can ignore it, assimilate it, or accommodate it. That is another way of saying you can not learn from the experience, make excuses for not learning from it (or taking only what you like from it), or changing as a result.

@fryed said dissonance was the best way for her to learn. If learning means we change our beliefs or behaviors, then might this be the only way we actually learn?

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