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Raise the ceiling and the floor

Posted on: October 2, 2015

On Wednesday evening I participated in a salon event that brought together thought leaders from different areas of the education arena.

While I am not at liberty to discuss my assigned topic, I think I can share some thoughts publicly about an offshoot from that topic.

One of the things my group discussed was the inequitable access to technologies that might boost human cognition. It was a reminder that the future is already here; it is just not evenly distributed.

The rich can provide for their kids. Creating new educational technologies helps this group because cost is no object. Doing this raises the ceiling in our bid to move up and along the cognitive development trajectory.

The poor or otherwise disadvantaged cannot do the same. This only increases the gap between the haves and have-nots. We should be thinking and acting to raise the floor. This will also create positive movement in human cognition while not leaving people far behind.

We will probably need to raise both the ceiling and the floor, but we are already good at doing the former. It is time we did more of the latter.

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