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Life lessons from YouTube

Posted on: September 22, 2015

I watch lots of YouTube videos and I view most of them through an educator’s lens.

The video below reminded me that sometimes the important question is not WHY. It is WHY NOT.

Video source

Asking WHY is an important question. But if Belaey only considered that question, he might not have done what he did. Instead, he probably challenged himself with WHY NOT. Why not do it? What would he lose by not trying?

The short film below made me and my family LOL. It also reminded me that we should learn from life’s mistakes.

Video source

We do not get many “mulligans” or take backs in real life. We make mistakes and often we avoid situations that resulted in those errors. But it is important to confront those difficult situations or people.

The third video reminded me about the importance of being patient and persistent. The setting up of the 128,000 dominoes must have taken a very long time and there must have been accidents along the way.

Video source

The final show did not end perfectly, but the feat was still impressive. It would be easy to focus on what did not go well; it is important to also recognize what was successful.

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