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Quotable quotes

Posted on: September 20, 2015

I am dead set against lectures. I try to lecture as little as possible because once I start talking, it is hard to stop. But my talking does not necessarily translate to listening or learning.

So when I found this graphic image below several years ago, it almost became a mantra.

As good that the graphic image was, I wanted something to show why lecturing is less relevant now. Then I found this image via ImageCodr.

Why just lecture when glowing portals of learning already sit on the laps of potential learners? Why lecture when there are active learning methods an instructor can use?

By sheer serendipity, RSS fed me with some fuel for this fire.

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KH Yeo: RT @ashley: Quotable quotes…



I can totally understand this after my foray into flipped learning! Because I no longer “taught” traditionally in class both myself and students felt a little “weird” and “insecure”. So in order to be sure they learnt I spent more time scheduling small quizzes/tests to assess their learning. The paradigm shift was quite fascinating…. I realised – wait a minute, regardless of instructional method, I should ALWAYS be assessing their learning so they and I know where they are on the learning curve and how to move forward, just because I vocalised something in class doesn’t mean they learnt it… Illusion shattered forever!


Now it’s our job to create this “a-ha” moment for others!

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