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Don’t be fooled or foolish

Posted on: September 11, 2015

Just because you read something in a newspaper that has wide reach does not make it trustworthy. Just because a newspaper has editors does not mean it gets all the facts right.

Newspapers have agendas and some have started writing what I like to call “ad articles” because they seem to be advertisements disguised as serious articles.

One such article might be a VPN (virtual private network) service that one company provides. You might need VPN for a number of reasons, one of which is to access content that is not otherwise available to you in your home country. The company claims to make using subscriptions services like Netflix easier to use in places in Singapore. However, there are issues with the product highlighted in the article.

Only one TV seems to be tethered to the service product. Most VPN services you can sign up for on your own allow you to use the service on three or more devices.

The service I sign up for, Private Internet Access (PIA)*, allows me to use the service on five devices. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air, iMac, and a home server. I can set it up on other devices too provided not more than five are using the service simultaneously.

This means that I do not have to be at home to use the service. When I can, I use VPN to increase the privacy and security of my Internet access when I am working wirelessly and on-the-move.

I do not need a dedicated or proprietary box nor do I need to pay more than twice the amount for a fraction of the service.

That said, there will be takers for the article’s VPN service. This is because people would rather spend money instead of doing the work themselves.

Some folks might think that setting up and using VPN is complicated. VPN was new to me once. Now I rely on it as much as wifi. Most independent VPN providers offer so much assistance online and might even have mobile apps to make connecting to VPNs easy. Your only excuse is an unwillingness to learn.

You have a choice. Be fooled (into paying more for less) and be foolish (not to learn), or learn how to do something that is necessary in the wider Web of things.

*Full disclosure: I am not sponsored by PIA to mention or promote their services. I am sharing what I have found to be a reliable service provider.


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