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Simple workshop experiment

Posted on: September 1, 2015

I take workshops seriously. I have a reputation for making people actually work towards their learning during workshops.

I find it helps to project a timer to keep people on task and to maintain the pace of workshops. It is a visual reminder of a social expectation.

Timers come in many forms: The ones in smartphones, an assortment of online timers, setting a Google timer (e.g., Google “timer for 5 minutes” if you need a 5-minute timer), and even YouTube videos.

YouTube videos of timers are the easiest to embed in web pages and that is what I have started using in a series of workshops I am facilitating this semester.

The only disadvantage I have experienced is that YouTube keeps track of the videos I watch and recommends other timer videos for me. They make for very boring videos to watch at home!

Here is an example of a workshop page in Google Sites. I provide all the resources in plain and sequential view for my learners: Instructions, resources (e.g., links to websites, embedded videos), a timer, and a task to complete.

This not only creates an advance organizer, it also provides a scaffold for me to remember what to do!

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