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Posted on: August 24, 2015

Recently I discovered that Twitter had blocked a few people on my behalf. I do not know how or why.

Here is how I discovered this was happening. I noticed that a few people who share regularly had gone quiet. I checked one tweep’s profile page and it indicated that I had blocked that person. But I know I did not.

I am in over 100 Twitter lists. I checked a few lists by educators and found a few people I had “blocked”. I unblocked them. Doing this was time consuming and labour intensive, so some more might go unblocked as I cannot through all the lists with a fine-toothed comb.

I do block accounts every day as I mentioned in this tweet reply.

If I do not block them, they fill up my timeline so that I cannot focus on what I have carefully curated nor can I interact with the people that matter.

When I have gone on culling sprees in the past, I have accidentally blocked a few tweeps. But I detect that immediately because I am conscious of my actions and I undo it. However, the random blocking that I described earlier just baffles me.

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