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Quotable quotes

Posted on: August 23, 2015

This is a quote from Jon Stewart during his final Daily Show episode.

It might have been Howard Rheingold who said that one of the most important skills all learners need is BS detection. That is a colourful way of saying that we need to think critically.

Stewart’s quote is a reminder that all of us have a natural ability to detect BS and we should not hold back the need to do something about it.

Sir Ken Robinson likes to point out that schooling kills innate creativity. Schooling also kills critical thinking. It puts learners in a steaming pile so that they get accustomed to the smell. It also tells kids to listen and not complain if they can still detect the stink.

BS detection was always important, but more so now since information is no longer restricted to select human fountains or rare tomes. Anyone can say or make anything; everyone can access them.

While schools can live in the past and restrict access to mobile technology and the Internet, they cannot do this once kids exit their gates each day. Sadly very few parents are equipped to teach their kids how to detect modern BS.

I smell this BS and point it out when I blog or tweet. I rarely Facebook because that platform is a huge dump in disguise. I do something about it by re-educating teachers I meet. You need to decide if that is BS.

How I created this quote image: I found the the original image in ImageCodr with the keyword “vigilance” and created the image quote in Haiku Deck.

Bruges, Belgique by O.Ortelpa, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  O.Ortelpa 

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