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Posted on: August 16, 2015

My QQ series took a break last Sunday at it was Singapore’s 50th birthday. Whee!

It is back with this quote about creating simply.

As an adult, creating simply can harder than leaving things in their complex state.

When I had to write papers or book chapters, I felt the academic pressure to use big words or to be high-sounding. It was as if I had to live up to the saying: If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

But leaving things in their complex state or over-complicating things prevents people from accessing information or ideas. There is a purity to simplicity that all can relate to.

A problem with such a quote is that it might be misinterpreted to read as a call to oversimplify. Many teachers internalize this as a need to build from simple to complex (if at all), hence leading to the misuse of Bloom’s “taxonomy”. Other teachers might choose not to present an issue, problem, or task in its complexity. Doing this takes the authenticity out of learning.

No, I believe that the quote is about being creative enough to make something complex as simple as it needs to be, not more, so that it can be appreciated and unpackaged by the learner for learning in all its complex glory.

How I created this quote image: I used Haiku Deck and this was the originally CC-licensed image.

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