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More flipped wisdoms

Posted on: August 14, 2015

Today I conduct another seminar on flipped learning, this time at a local institute of higher learning.

I conclude the delivery with three more wisdoms on flipping (here are my first three).

Note: This is segment 4 of the seminar. Each segment is mile-stoned with an overview slide like this one.

But if I only had time to just focus on one, I would advise educators, administrators, and policymakers who are thinking of a system-wide implementation of flipping to remember that flipping was, and still is, a ground-up movement.

This means letting educators decide if, when, and how they flip. It means giving them ownership of the problems and solutions, and providing the support they need.

As I point out in one slide, you do not need a lot of money or a special new building to flip. There is also no single method of flipping.

The flipped classroom and flipped learning movements did not rise to where they are today by riding on numbers. Educators realize that it is not about grades, money, or cool tools. It is not about having a quota of online lessons to create. Such things matter operationally, but they can also distract and detract from what is really important.

Flipping is about changing the mindset of teachers and moving away from the old practices of teaching to focus the learners and learning. No amount of money or strong-armed policy is going to change mindset. Only support by individual conviction, community-building, personal learning networks, and professional development are.

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