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Ironic auto-curation

Posted on: August 7, 2015

Judging from the WordPress notifier, my reflection, Lazy curation is not curation, resonated with quite a few people. It helped that a few key tweeps passed the message along by tweet-sharing it.

I am guessing that algorithms take into account the number of hits a link gets because I serendipitously discovered that the blog entry was listed in at least two of those e-papers (I did not bother to find out if there were more).

One was as a leading article.

Another was as one of the articles in a Technology section of a different space. This was an example of how auto-curation tools are not yet smart enough to categorize based on nuance.

The irony was not lost on me: My reflection against auto-curation tools was offered more than once by auto-curation tools. I wonder if their owners review content or reflect on their practice.

I share this not to embarrass the owners of the e-papers. If their owners had any control and chose to publish the recommendations intact, then they were brave to provide an alternative view. But I wish they would reconsider which bandwagon to ride on. They are not creating and what they are doing is not curating if they do not review and reflect.

3 Responses to "Ironic auto-curation"

Hi Dr Tan, I will stop publishing this ‘curation’ lol.


Kwan Tuck Soon: @ashley I will stop publishing this ‘curation’ lol #edsg via


Dr Ashley Tan: .@tucksoon Good to hear that since you are a model edu-tweeter. Please keep creating & sharing often for the good of #edsg & beyond! 🙂 via


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