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Skip the queue for Windows 10

Posted on: July 30, 2015

Thanks to this LifeHacker article, I found out that that I did not have to wait for Microsoft to let me know when my lone PC could have its free Windows 10 update. (The PC is surrounded by Macs and already suffering from an inferiority complex.)

The article recommends doing this:

  1. Back up your data.
  2. Download and run Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool.
  3. Select the “Upgrade This PC” option.
  4. Let the upgrade happen.

As with most things, the process was not as simple as described.

For example, when running the Media Creation Tool, I first had to know if my PC had the 32 or 64-bit version of Windows. I also ran into the vague “Something Happened” error message and the upgrade process stopped dead.

To counter the Something Happened error message, redditors suggested installing all existing Windows Updates first. They also said that changing the default language to US English would help.

My system already had the latest patches so I changed the default language to US English and the upgrade went through its paces.

So here is my suggested sequence to get the free Windows 10 upgrade now instead of waiting in line.

  1. Back up your data.
  2. Install all windows patches by running Windows Update in the Control Panel.
  3. If necessary, change the default language to US English.
    • Control Panel > Region and Language > Administrative tab > Change System Locale > English (United States)
  4. Check the bit version of Windows (keyboard shortcut: Windows key + Pause/Break).
  5. Download the correct bit version of Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool and run it.
  6. Select the “Upgrade This PC” option.
  7. After the upgrade downloads, the tool will ask you what settings you want to keep. Make your selection.
  8. Let the upgrade happen.

I have a very fast Internet connection so the downloading did not take long.

It was the upgrading that took a while. Step 8 took about 90 minutes from the time I made the selection in step 7 and left the device to itself. I had enough time to potter around, leave home to run an errand at a mall, and return home to see that the process was still at 92%.

Happy skipping!

4 Responses to "Skip the queue for Windows 10"

Kwan Tuck Soon: RT @ashley: Singaporeans say if there’s a queue it must be good. But there’s no need to queue for Windows 10, #edsg via


KH Yeo: @ashley therefore it can’t be good? :p via


Dr Ashley Tan: .@icedwater Only if the premise is true. But that is debatable since what is good is subjective. via


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