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Child-like learning

Posted on: July 25, 2015

This video of a toddler enjoying rainfall went viral.

Video source

What is so captivating about a child experiencing rain for the first time and enjoying every minute of it? The obvious answers might include our sharing the joy she experienced or mourning the loss of our child-like wonder.

For me the video is a warning about unbridled schooling. We lose that ability to learn for the sake of enjoyment largely because of the demands of schooling.

Video source

Note how the little girl was upset when she was taken away from the rain and how she ran back to it (1min 10s to 1min 35s mark, highlighted above). How often do you see normal kids running towards school-sanctioned homework?

Yes, all of us must grow up. But who is to say that we cannot retain the ability to learn by doing, to enjoy learning, and to find reward in the experience itself? These are values and processes to aspire to and perpetuate.

I am not interested in hearing the barriers that stand in the way. I am fully aware of them.

I am more interested in knowing how we might not put these barriers up in the first place or how we might break existing barriers down.

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