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Better to ask than to assume

Posted on: July 20, 2015

Last week a writer took great pleasure in highlighting how a 6-year-old totally owned the Financial Times over a ‘Minecraft’ error [original article] [copy of child’s letter].

I have played Minecraft with my son and even made a few videos on what we might learn by immersive play. I was sure that the 6-year-old was not entirely right.

You cannot be right all the time and that is a valuable lesson in life. So how does one burst the bubble of a child without also bursting their self-esteem?

You ask another child to correct him.

I asked my 11-year-old for his thoughts as a Minecraft veteran. He gave a blow-by-blow account of how the FT could have got their Minecraft scene right. Much of what was possible could be due to texture packs and building in creative mode.

However, the biggest problem with the Minecraft scene as depicted by FT was that is was most likely a Photoshopped collage of separate Minecraft and other elements.

A writer opted to use an “out of the mouth of babes” moment to highlight the folly of another writer. That was premature.

This is a reminder for both adults and kids: It is better to ask than to assume that someone is right. Furthermore, an adult is not necessarily the best source of information; what a child knows deeply might surprise you.

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Dr Sangeet Bhullar: RT @ashley: Better to ask than to assume…



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