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iPhone slo-mo video: Pet peeves

Posted on: June 22, 2015

I did not have a reason to shoot slow motion videos on my iPhone until recently.

When I finally did last week, I discovered what scores of people already knew. The slow-mo effect stays on the phone. The video runs at normal speed when exported to another device.

But I discovered one way of transferring the slow-mo videos and retaining the effect.

Video source

At first I thought the slow-mo effect would be retained if I worked within the Apple ecosystem. I imported the videos to my iMac’s iMovie application directly via a USB cable, but the videos ran at normal speed.

After a bit of Googling, I found out that I could manually import the videos via AirDrop from iPhone to iMac and then to iMovie. This retained the slow-mo effect. Then it was a simple job of adding titles and transitions.

I could have also edited the video directly in iMovie for the iPhone. But the interface is too small for my liking.

Like my complaint about Google Photos, developers need to focus in user experiences (UX), not just the usability of user interface (UI).

If you work on UX instead of just UI, you focus on what people need. You help the technology get out of the way instead of creating a barrier to creating or learning.

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