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Quotable quotes

Posted on: June 14, 2015

I opted to use Haiku Deck to create with this quotable quote on my iPad. Haiku Deck was an iPad-only app when it was first released but there is a web version now.

The app uses CC-licensed images which are just a search away. However, it does not yet embed the CC information.

I used Google reverse image search to find the source. In Chrome, this was as simple as right-clicking the image I created and selecting “Search Google for this image”.

Dewey’s quote resonated with me early. When I was a student teacher, I carried a hardcover notebook to jot down fleeting thoughts or juicy quotes from my instructors. I still have that notebook in a shelf.

When I was Ph.D. student looking to carve a niche for myself, I chose reflective blogging by preservice teachers. This was shaped by my predisposition to reflect, my habit of blogging, and my passion for teacher education.

I am no longer a classroom teacher nor am I a university-based teacher educator. But I keep this daily habit of reflective blogging up. Why? I think, therefore I blog. I reflect, therefore I learn.

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