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M1, am one-dering

Posted on: June 6, 2015

According to an IDA study, M1 has the best 4G connectivity in Singapore.

I am glad that being the smallest telco has not held M1 back from achieving this feat.

But I wonder about their online query process and speed.

I wanted to tweet a question but could not find an active M1 account on Twitter. I found one, which followed its rivals Singtel and StarHub, and was a placeholder account more than an active one.

So I used M1’s contact form on 2 June to send this message at about 10.30am.

In case the screen grab is not clear, I wanted to know if those on the data-only prepaid SIMs would also benefit from the freebie services over the National Day weekend as announced in STonline.

I received this reply on 3 June at 11.07am.

I do not know of many modern organizations that can do without being actively two-way on as many social media channels as possible. If they are not, I expect them to be faster on email, particularly when their answer is effectively “I do not know”.

I am not being mean. I have high standards as a modern consumer. If I pay for a service and the service provider makes claims, I naturally expect them to deliver.

I have equally high, if not higher, standards for schools. If they claim to be educating our children or even attempting to prepare them for the future, they should be fluent in multiple channels in social media.

Schools should be equally quick, if not quicker, to respond to queries too. It is all right to say “I do not know” as long as it does not come across as “I do not care”.


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