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Another flipping perspective?

Posted on: June 1, 2015

Recently I read what might be another perspective on flipping the classroom (though not necessarily flipping learning).

Instead of flipping what happens before and during class, how about flipping what happens after?

In an almost two-year-old blog entry, @donaldclark reviewed the work of a Mathematics and Physics teacher named Armando Pisani.

Pisani video recorded his lessons so that his students could review his lectures after class so as to help themselves with their homework. According to his research, students in the video-after-class treatment:

  • did better academically
  • liked the videos and would recommend them to others
  • wanted their parents to watch the videos

Interestingly, all the students’ parents were in favour of the use of videos and thought that online lectures helped their children to study.

Let us ignore that Pisani had just 80 students spread over four classes. We would also have to ignore that there could be other factors in play.

All that said, the design of the study is not really the focus. The design of the teaching and learning intervention is. This flipped classroom strategy helps deal with the problem of poorly designed homework.

Homework is normally assigned so that students can try to apply what they think they know, to surface areas of weaknesses, and to practise. But often homework is done without adequate support.

Videos-after-class provides that support by giving students another opportunity to review lessons and giving parents a window into the classroom so that they can help their children.

This strategy is an interesting and logical twist to the provide-information-before method. It is an important part of the basic way to flip a classroom. However, I would still consider it part of only the first of at least three dimensions of flipping.

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