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School bureaucracy is like…

Posted on: May 25, 2015

…a stack of pancakes, but not as nice to experience.

Any good stuff, like syrup, that you pour from the top down, might be absorbed at the top and perhaps dribble down to some of the periphery.

It is very unlikely to penetrate the core and all the way down with the same intensity and flavour. This is how messaging gets lost.

Good things that start at the bottom are even more unlikely to make it to the top. Things are stacked against the ones at the bottom and gravity takes its toll.

Grassroots efforts are even more unlikely to rise to the top. But they might soak right to the centre of that layer.

Moral of this story: If you want your pancakes and eat them too (with the best of top-down and bottom-up), make low, flat stacks.

Or try something different: Middle up and down. This is something I used to teach in a change management course. I still offer it as a series of workshops (pancakes not included).

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