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Posted on: May 22, 2015

It is Friday and time for something light. Or really greasy.

Thanks to this article on Gizmodo, I found out that KFC in Germany provided patrons with serving tray liners that functioned as bluetooth keyboards.

Video source

The rationale seemed to be that patrons should have their chicken and eat it too. They could enjoy their oily treats and type away on their phones via the liner keyboards.

It was a marketing stunt and a response to a first world problem of having more than enough to eat while wanting to remain connected with someone somewhere else.

This reminded me of a recent tweet by @justintarte:

Wise words.

I would add to it by saying: Just because you can does not mean that you should; if you do, it should not just be a knee-jerk reaction or an ill-thought response.

One could argue that the ad company behind KFC’s marketing effort reacted, responded, or even initiated. But the effort was not meant to be sustainable. It could not due to the cost of the liner keyboards.

Those of us who are serious about change and efforts in educational technology cannot afford to operate like that. We need to be thinking and acting along pathways that have long-term and sustainable purpose. These may not be as cool or gimmicky as tray liner keyboards, but they are not as disposable either.

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