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A personal note: 13+13=26

Posted on: May 21, 2015

I do not often share personal information in my professional blog. Here is one exception.

Today is my wedding anniversary. My wife and I have been married for 13 years.

This year is special because we have been happily married for as long as we dated prior to getting married. Yes, we dated for 13 years before we tied the knot.

On 21st May 26 years ago, we decided to become more than just good friends. Then on 21st May 13 years ago, we decided to get married. Yeah, sappier than a maple tree and a hallmark of Hallmark cards.

Some might be astonished or even baulk at my revelation. But dating for so long was not difficult because we took it one day at a time.

Before we got married, we were separated by circumstances, oceans, and the general pursuit of life. Sometimes we were not in the same country. Often we were not in the same stage of life (one studying, one working). But we used whatever technology was available to stay connected.

Our friends got married and had children before us. I dreaded attending weddings then because I was invariably asked: When is your turn?

But when it came time to make a big leap, we decided to take two. The year I signed the scholarship document to pursue a Ph.D. overseas was also the year I signed our wedding license.

We have learnt so much together and my only regret might be not getting married earlier.

Our son was born overseas and that started my blogging journey. I blogged his life and still do. I blogged my dissertation process. I blogged random thoughts. I blogged because this was before YouTube and Facebook were born.

After two years as a university professor, I started this blog which is now almost seven years-old. I still treat it as a daily journal even though it has expanded to serve other purposes.

The content of this blog has been shaped by what I sense around me. It is influenced heavily by what I experience through the senses of my son (a student in school) and my wife (a teacher).

Thirteen is just a number, but I am a lucky man. Some men might jokingly refer to their wives as their better halves. In my case, my wife is my whole and I am the better person for it. I would not be able to do what I do now if not for her.

And it is for her (and my son) that I wish to make my world a better place. I just hope that it does not take another 13 years to do this.

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