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Moving backwards (Part 2)

Posted on: May 17, 2015

Earlier last week, I revisited my old workplace for some committee work. It was there that I learnt that the Classroom of the Future (COTF) installation will be decommissioned in June.

I had mixed feelings about the place. On one hand, I always thought that the COTF was not futuristic enough because it was too static. On the other, it was a concrete example that people could visit, walk through, and experience instead of just imagine.

I hosted lots of visitors to the Institute I worked at and they would invariably make the COTF one of their stops. It was a great conversation starter.

At its worst, the COTF was a great PR tool. At its best, the COTF was rhetoric made real. Conversations did not start with “Imagine if…” and instead could continue with “This is how we shape our future”.

Now rumour has it that the space occupied by the COTF will become a “heritage room”, whatever that means.

I have no issues with valuing one’s collective heritage. But I wonder if people have considered an unintended message this move might send: We have stopped looking forward; we prefer to dwell in our past.

I am sad that the COTF will close. I am sadder that I was not allowed to take photos of it in all its iterations over ten years. Maybe I can sneak one if there is one last hurrah…

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